Saturday, March 26, 2011

Animal Slaughter in Public Schools may be a thing of the Past!

In early 2009, Alachua County, Florida two Hawthorne High school students were arrested for animal cruelty, involving the torturing of a chicken to death while videotaping their abuse during a classroom slaughter project. The students subsequently posted the violent video on YouTube where it became viral.  The assignment was given by their teacher where the students were to "abuse the birds' in the presence of their teacher. Surprisingly there was no penalty for what the teens did, because it is legal to slaughter animals in K-12 classrooms. But all that may change

Karen Davis of United Poultry Concerns and Susan Hargreaves of Humane Educators Reaching Out (HERO) filed a Petition in early March of 2011 for Agency Action with the Florida Department of Education.  The women filed the petition seeking the FDE to legislate new rules for humane treatment of animals and banning animal slaughter in the classroom in accordance with the Florida State Statutes section dealing with Education.

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