Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bullying is Like a Virus, You can't Cure it!

Many parents are frustrated when it comes to fighting for their bullied child's rights.  Many times going to the school or the District is fruitless.  So what do parents do?  There are quite a few options. Hiring an attorney who is knowledgeable is the arena of Bullying and the state specific laws is a good start.  Bullying may encompass a variety of issues such as violations of civil rights due to sexual harassment, race, creed, possibly religion and disability. Bullying can include taunting and teasing, physical hurt, emotional hurt, theft, mobbing, isolation and believe it or not it does not require actions by a single person.  It can be a multitude of people.  As long as the actions are repeated and continuous.  The days of the school yard bully stealing Jonny's apple or the taunting of the Judy's of the Leave it to Beaver are over.  Kids generally like to follow the pack, they pick up on others actions to feel part of a group.  Many times kids do this so they don't become targets of Bullying. 

Cyberbullying is a prime example.  All you need is one child to start a nasty rumour or accusation about another child on Facebook or Twitter and poof, it becomes viral.  Pretty soon, that one accusation that Susie sleeps with all the Football players or is a whore or slut is ravishing the screens of electronic devices from cell phones to lap top computers.  Children of all ages are connected.  Four year olds are taking to the Internet.  Kids hide in their rooms and spend countless hours chatting with friends and trading YouTube videos.  And it is not only in the privacy of their rooms, but anywhere and everywhere 24/7. With hi tech cell phones and enticing apps kids are constantly connected. Bullying is a virus.  You can't cure it

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