Saturday, May 21, 2011

Florida School Officials are not Following the Florida Bullying Laws!

The "The Jeffrey Johnston Stand Up for All students Act" which was legislated in 2008 was enacted  to combat bullying and harassment in all public institutions K-12. It was a landmark law and was praised for it's tough stance against Bullying.  Experts praised Florida for its brazen toughness in eradicating one of the most dangerous problems facing school children today. But recently this has all changed. According to the Florida Department of Education, only 6,000 incidents of bullying has been recorded in Florida schools for 2010. Experts say that is a far cry from the actual number of kids who are really being bullied in Florida.
   According to the US Department of Education there were 13 million students reported bullying in 2010. Minnesota recorded a 100,000 bullying incidents.  Minnesota has 1/3 less the population of Florida. Experts have concluded that Florida school officials are not doing their job by following the the mandated law which was a big blow for Debbie Johnston, who is the mother of Jeffrey Johnston, the 15 year old who committed suicide in 2005 after years of relentless bullying.

Debbie Johnston told, The Miami Herald on Monday that she was disappointed at the lack of rigor with which school administrators are following the law: “When you look at a school and you see they’re not reporting anything, then we know they’re failing. Teachers have a moral and legal obligation to know what is going on in their schools.”

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