Sunday, October 2, 2011

Those who stand up for Bullies are WHISTLEBLOWERS

Bullying Websites and experts tout the importance of bystanders who witness bullying to stand up and speak out about what they witness as an instrumental element into putting a stop to the bullying.  We all know how important bystanders are especially in suicide cases where the victim cannot speak for her or his self.  But it is important to educate bystanders that they may  become victims too.  They may suffer retaliation from the bully and his or her counterparts.  In the real world of corporate America if a worker sees wrong doing he or she is not obligated to report it, but may do so.  With that reporting there is a very good chance of suffering retaliation from supervisors or upper management.  If the reporting is done to a government agency because the actions of that corporate or government agency violates those laws that reporter may be called a whistle blower.
  There are laws that protect whistle blowers in the business/agency world.  However the question is are there laws that protect the student whistle blower in bullying cases?  There are no student bullying whistle blower laws.  However there is an interesting case involving a cheerleader from new Jersey who blew the whistle on her cheer leading group that bullied and singled out a teammate because of being a lesbian.  The whistle blower was severely bullied and the school was ignorant to her claims.  However it was enough for the Office of the Civil Rights to take up her cause.

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