Wednesday, June 13, 2012

School Bully ing is Worse Today and not because of Cyberbullying!

 In My Opinion:

 Is bullying different from 20,30 or 40 years ago?  Yes it is.  Anyone that would say differently is not fully educated on the reality of bullying in this decade. Let's go back into the 50"s with the show Leave it to Beaver.  If you are old enough to remember, the bully in that show was not Eddie Haskell but Beaver's classmate, Judy.  She constantly picked on Beaver. From making fun of the clothes he wore, to making hurtful remarks on Beaver's class participation.  She even, challenged Beaver to physical fights.  But Beaver had support, even though he did not tell his parents, his friends would hover by the lockers where these confrontations would take place and stand up for him.  Something that does not happen today.  Even Beaver's teacher Ms. Landers would reprimand Judy for her rude outbursts in class.

  In today's world that is not something that happens very often.  If it did we probably would not have the huge social issue that we have now especially with kids committing suicide.
Parents were a bit different too.  Parents could talk to other parents.  Today, it would be unthinkable to confront a bully's parent and if one did, there could be disastrous results.  As the years have gone by, bullying has become worse with more devastating outcomes. This did not happen overnight, mind you. Bullying progressed.  The way society has changed, bullying has changed. Yes Cyberbullying contributes to the change in bullying, but the real time experience of being bullied in front of your peers, in the hallways of  school and during school functions are far worse because the child is then looked at for an immediate response.  Many time the embarrassment can be so devastating that the child can't think clearly.  Soon isolation and desperation prevails. 

 Violence is on the rise in schools.. Violence is not limited to physical beatings. Psychological abuse is also termed as violent behavior, and this type of behavior is not limited to public schools..  Matter of fact bullying is prevalent in religious and non religious private schools. We need to get a grip on bullying as one of the top social problems in America.  A social problem that is not going away and in my opinion is going to get worse.

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