Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Work Place Bullies are like Domestic Abusers!

Workplace Bullying is prevalent in our society and  abroad.  Searching the Internet I have found millions of articles pertaining to this horrific social problem.  We  recognize that school bullying is a tremendous problem.  A day does not go by where we hear another sad and yet disturbing story of a child committing suicide due to bullying.  But what about adults in the workplace?  Unlike school bullies who prey on the less popular, softer, and somewhat weaker individual, .workplace bullies prey on the star employee, the hard worker, charismatic, friendly, kind, well respected and the list goes on.  Adult bullies are weak, jealous, intimidated and demand complete power and control.  Does this sound familiar.  These symptoms as I like to call it, are similar to domestic abusers.  Domestic abusers will do everything in their power to keep control by weakening their target victim by demeaning them whether it is in private or in public.  Bullies like to castrate their victims in front of other employees to encourage mobbing or isolation.  Take a moment and research domestic violence and you will see the characteristics are quite the same.  And that is very troubling.  When victims of workplace bullying seek help they are usually told to see a counselor who specializes in domestic violence. There are a number of domestic abuse centers that can give bullied victims referrals to free or limited income professional services..

We all have heard that kids are killing themselves due to bullying.  Well so are adults. Many of the adults who stay in the abusive workplace, eventually suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  PTSD can have long lasting effects that render medications and therapy.  Most of the time a victim will be told to get out of the situation as soon as possible due to the psychological and physical damage.  However with the job market being as it is, many victims stay and put up with debilitating actions of her bosses or peers.  As of now there are no laws protecting bullied victims.

However if the bullying is based on sexual harassment, religion, race, creed, disability, age, then there could be an argument under the law.  But let me say this.  The workplace bullies are smart.  They will destroy your life.  They will ensure that the bullying is legally sound.  However if a bully strikes you or touches you in a way that is not appropriate, call the police.  Get at least a police report in the file.  Document, document, document.  If the workplace fires you then you may have retaliation. 
My advice as a lay person is to research work place bullying.  Google:  Workplace Bullying and select news.  You will get up to date information.  See a therapist who knows about workplace bullying.  If he or she does not know what causes the bullying and or the symptoms there are websites that give that information, such as the Workplace Bullying Institute.  Good Luck

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