Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Karen Klein VS Child VIctims of Bullying: A Million Dollars and Miles, Apart!

From the video of Karen Klein being bullied.

 Many of you are familiar with 69 year-old, Karen Klein, the school bus monitor who was "bullied" earlier this month in western New York.. The video went viral and not only attracted  millions of viewers but close to a million dollars. The media went crazy and Ms. Klein was making guest appearances on every broadcast and cable network world wide.

I watched that video. I even cried a bit.  I was horrified that middle school age children could actually be that sick.   To witness it, was even more disturbing.  But then I thought, wait a minute, this is happening to children all over the world.
  Every day we read about suicides or attempted suicides from kids who are bullied for months even years.  The unfortunate thing is we have not witnessed it, like we have witnessed the abuse of Karen Klein. But we now know what child victims of bullying endure.  This incident that happened to Klein is not isolated to just her, mind you, it is happening to millions of children. The only difference is, the sympathy for these child victims. are not as severe as they have been for  Klein. Why is that? Do we not value our children and believe that when they are bullied in school it is rite of passage.  That it is ok? Maybe we think, "they'll get over it."   They don't get over it, and many take it through the adult life experiencing all kinds of mental health issues.

So we watch the video on every news outlet, we blog about it, we  dissect it, we become overwhelmed with sadness.  We can't get enough of this brutality. So we donate money, lots of it. We give her a trip to Disney World. we actually punish the bullies. Very novel idea. And the suspension is not for a mere 3 or 10 days, it is for a whole year.  the students who have been suspended will be transferred to the district Reengagement Center, located in a non-school facility. Apparently the Center is an alternative education program allowing the students to complete community service and receive formal instruction related to conduct and behavior.  In addition the students will be taking anti bullying classes.

Wow! So here is my question.  Why aren't bullies of children being treated the same way.  Why aren't we suspending them, giving them counseling and, behavior modification classes. Why aren't they taking anti bullying classes? Why are we not caring so much about the child victims?

No wonder student bullying victims are so depressed.  I can see why they believe no one cares.  I can see where parents of these victims are so frustrated.  What will it take? A change in our society?  Changing the value we put on our children? Sadly it may never change. Unless we change.


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  1. I feel the same exact way and it depresses me very much to see this unfair treatment. I feel very lucky to have never been bullied. I have been teased by people yes, but I have never been truly singled out. Regardless, I feel horrible when I read, see and hear it happening to children. I empathize to the point where I feel as though it's happening to me. I can feel the feelings of anger, sadness, isolation, confusion... It's such a lethal combination of feelings that poison both mind and spirit. It happens every day, has been happening and I fear will always happen to the most vulnerable who are out there. But that does not mean it should be tolerated. It never should have been. It is beyond unfair and even inappropriate when countless children are forced to endure such treatment, while a single bus monitor, gets paid off. I think people felt bad mostly because they envisioned that woman as their own grandmother. They felt outraged by the thought of it being done to "a sweet old lady". But for kids, I believe many people do think it's normal for them to go through. They do assume children will just "get over it". How ignorant and sadly mistaken they are. Those very children are the ones who become adults that have been scarred, abused, broken...they become the members of this society who have to then deal with all those emotions that have been ignored for far too long. They become the people who have anger problems, depression, low self esteem, people who shy away and are scared...they either become bullies themselves or were too beaten down to stand up to it. The ones who are lucky enough to "get over it" and rise above are few and far between; and are the exception, not the rule. I wish society cared more about children, protected them more, taught them more, loved them more. But instead, they choose to give more attention to one single incident, because it was thrown in their face. How about all the other victims of bullying? Where's their money? More important than a green piece of paper that somehow is suppose to solve all problems, where is their support? Priorities are severely misplaced. It's unbelievable what children are forced to have to go through, somehow being expected to just deal with it and come out unscathed. It's sickening to me. This world is upside down and it's so plain to see. Society will not change. Everyone has been taught and forced to swallow the idea of respecting elders only. Yet, no one wants to respect children or even each other. Everyone deserves respect no matter age or gender. But I firmly believe that children deserve more...