Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mom: I don't regret "smooshing" my Son's Bully

 According to NBC News, A mom of a bullied child who attends Flagler County's Palm Coast High came to the rescue of her son, Terez Smith.  The mom, Felicia Phillips, 35, of Bunnell, Fla was very upset at the fact that her son, on Tuesday was physically attacked by 17 year old Justin Mickens. Mom who was concerned for her son's safety, escorted her son to the bus stop, when an argument broke out between Phillips and Mickens.
"Words kept going back and forth or whatever, and he called me out," Phillips said. "And I smooshed him in his face or whatever."

According to Flagler County Sheriffs Deputies, Mickens slammed Phillips to the ground as the bus arrived. Then, according to deputies, Phillips followed, Mickens onto the bus where she grabbed Mickens hair. The bus driver told Phillips to get off the bus and other students tried to stop the fight .

"She chased me on the bus and pulled me by the back of my head," Mickens told "I don't even talk to her son. I don't even hang around him ... None of that ain't true."
Phillips was arrested and charged with child abuse and trespassing on school property. Her bond was set at $2,500.

Was the mom in the right? Absolutely not.    Look the days are gone when kids can fight back. If they do they can be arrested and charged.  Suspensions and Expulsions are not a pretty thing and can tarnish a child's record and may hurt his/her chances for educational scholarships.  Children who physically assault other children or even teachers on school property, like buses need to be punished under the Districts Code of Conduct.  Why have a code of conduct if it is not going to be adhered too.  Teachers and administrators have to realize that they are RESPONSIBLE for what goes on in their respective schools and district.  It is not up to the parent of the victim to discipline the bully, it is the schools as well as the perpetrators parents. 

We don't know all the facts in this case.  We don't know if Ms. Phillips had ongoing dialogue with the school regarding her son.  We don't even know if the child was bullied or if it was a one time fight.  But if the attack happened on school grounds and was witnessed by a school official, including bus drivers then in Florida it must be reported.  I feel for Ms. Phillips, she thought she was doing the right thing.  But now she faces a legal mess.


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  1. Robin, Thanks for your rendering of an opinion that is reflective of the society in which we live. Consider for a moment, however, that there is a large scale "fail" in progress concerning the discipline and socializing of our youth. Due to an abundance of attorneys, news agencies and self-righteous meddlers and a dearth of reason and accountability, along with a very long history of social engineering that has brought about the current conditions, we hear daily of parents being oppressed by "law" in either protecting or not protecting their children. The battle was lost when when we gave public institutions the responsibility for our children. The war will be won when we rescind that agreement. I would gladly go to prison to protect my child. Felicia acted, I believe, in full awareness that the Educational Minions were doing nothing to protect her son. She, therefore, has my support.
    Denounce vigilantism if you will, but it is all that remains when your legal system is a bloated, ineffectual, corrupt, politically influenced, garbage heap of avarice and foolishness. When the system of government fails to protect the people they will protect one another. One man with courage constitutes a majority.