Sunday, November 4, 2012

Workplace bullying is all too real, victims say

Workplace bullying is all too real, victims say  Great article on workplace violence which experts say victims of workplace bullying is similar to those who are victims of domestic violence.  Florida leads the way in ignoring this dangerous phenomena.  Why?  It takes away from luring corporations to move to Florida.  The last thing employers need, specifically in the right to work state, Florida, is another barrier to favor employees. Look at how workers compensation laws have changed over the years.  Workers compensation favors the employer not the employee.  Experts also say that workplace violence [psychological violence] is worse then sexual harassment which is one of the few avenues employees can take to sue their employers.  Basically your employer can harass you, demean you, pick on you, spit on you, and crush your soul and it is perfectly o.k.  However if a boss makes a sexual remark or overture then there may be grounds to sue.  Read the article to get more insight.

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