Monday, December 17, 2012

Adam Lanza: What is the real and true story behind this mass killing?

There have been reports, coming from officials regarding Adam Lanza, the 20 year old gunman in the Connecticut school shooting, he had Aspergers.  Aspergers is a mild form of Autism and is designated on the Austism Spectrum.

It has been reported from a wide variety of mental health experts that Aspergers is not a mental illness, however Aspergers is many times  diagnosed with other mental health problems such as depression, Obsessive Compulsive disorder, anxiety and bi-polar disorder. Those who have Aspergers have difficulty in social situations,  they tend to perform repetitive movements, and they have difficulty in communicating with others. Children with Autism do have a hight rate of aggressiveness and outburts, pushing, shoving and other actions.  However it has been said previously Asperbergers or Autisim alone does not cause this kind of violence,  Again Autism coupled with other mental disorders is a force to help drive violence.   Often times their peers misunderstand them and are often time a target for bullying. There have been reports that the mother of Lanza went to the school quite frequently and had issues regarding her son with the school board.  A matter of fact it got so bad that Lanza's mom pulled Adam out of school and enrolled him in viritual school. 

Children at young ages very rarely show signs of schizophrenia.  Stated in the DSM, [Diagnostic Statistical Manual] it has been said  in boys, schizophrenia usually cannot be diagnosed until the child is in his 20's.  If a child has a severe mood disorder and they are experiencing behavior issues which make them a target for bullying, or loneliness, or peer ostracizing, this could put the child at risk for revenge for those who have put him in his tragic place.  A couple things could happen if there is no intervention, the child will act out agressivley such as punching, hitting, kicking, they may turn to substance abuse, attempt or commit suicide or take it further and commit a very violent act or acts while taking their own life in the end. There are always some sort of connection as to why people do what they do.  Adam was not anti social because he had no criminal history.  Anti Social Behavior is usually found in criminals and those found in are jails and in prisons and those behaviors start as young as five.

This is why all parents, politicians, media, physicians, school administrations, and law enfocrment need to refocus on why teens do these acts.  Where did it all start? I am hoping that the dialogue regarding Adam Lanza and the Lanza family continues.  Focusing on political agendas on guns is understandable but like drugs, if people want guns  illegally they will get them no matter what.  There is an underground of illegal guns and if illegal, just like marijuana and cocaine there will be a huge big money making gun trade that will open up and even wider avenues for criminals to make money.

High school classmates and others have described Lanza as bright but painfully shy, anxious and a loner. Those kinds of symptoms are consistent with Asperger's, said psychologist Eric Butter of Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, who treats autism, including Asperger's, but has no knowledge of Lanza's case.

Please note that I fully do not believe that this school shooting was  a terroristic act like many politicians are stating on media outlets. These shooting were not government motivated like those in theTimothy McVeigh bombings. Bottom line, watch the children.  Learn from their actions and take action. This devastation has given us the largest red flag and we better take it and run.

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