Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bullying Will follow you till your Death

I believe it is safe to say that bullying is now considered one of the most dangerous social problems in the world. I say the world because the world encompasses people and where there is people there is bullying.  We know drug abuse is a world wide problem whether some illicit drugs are legalized or not.  We are talking about abuse.  Bullying is an abuse of power and control similar to that of domestic violence, which every culture in the world faces. However bullying is one of the most psychologically damaging types of behavior and because it is considered repetitive and on going the effects on the victim can be life threatening.  But here is the scary stuff.  Bullying is reported as starting as young as pre- school [3 years old] and as old as into one's golden years. We know from reports that bullying happens to pre schoolers then enters into elementary school, middle schoolers face the worse type of bullying where in high school bullying is prevalent and more so on the internet. [cyberbullying]. Students are reporting being bullied in college and grad school but quite a bit of the bullying is coming from professors and administrators.  Once the person enters into the work force bullying takes on the characteristics of domestic violence, some have called it violence in the workplace.  Victims of workplace bullying suffer from all sorts of mental and psychological disorders such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Anxiety and the list goes on.  Some workers become disabled.  Children who are bullied can go to their parents, parents can talk to school administrators.  Under the public education system there are laws and when not followed parents can hire legal representation. But in the workplace there are no options other than to quit which means leaving their job without backup. So the victim just takes it until they are physically unable to work.  Or on the other hand, they get another job or they have a supportive spouse where is is affordable to take time off.  There are still options but not as much as bullied children.  So what happens when you are all alone and find yourself unable to fully care for yourself?  You are older now and the only option is to go into an assisted living facility,  or retirement home.  The bullying gets worse.  Those same people who were bullies in school and in the workplace have now moved on to the retirement facilities and they are just as cliquish, and mean.  Ostracising the victims, spreading rumours, making fun of, badgering, and the list goes on.  Seniors with limited financial means may have no options but to endure the final stages of their life in a severe bullying environment.  Some even become recluse by never leaving their room.  Bullying never leaves.  It is hear to stay. Once we recognize this as an ageless problem and start implementing awareness training in all aspects of our life school, college, work and retirement many millions of people will suffer up until they day they die.

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