Saturday, October 5, 2013

Does Bullying Cause Suicide?

Does bullying cause suicide?  Bullying, directly does not cause suicide per se.  However bullying, repeated and systematic behaviors that cause physical and or psychological hurt can very well cause depression and anxiety.  Depression coupled with anxiety can lead to suicide. Many times after constant bullying a child may suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.  PTSD is a viable mental illness cause by life events  Happy, anxiety free children do not consider suicide.  Children who suffer from depression due to a continuous assault on their self esteem are candidates for suicidal thoughts. These thoughts can turn into action if the bullying is not stopped.  Even if the child is in therapy due to the bullying, the child's crushed self esteem can overwhelm the child to the point where therapy may be too late.  It will take quite a bit to undue the emotional collapse of the child's self worth.  The goal is to catch the bullying early and notify the school so safety measures can be placed to ensure the child's emotional well being is managed. 

If therapy is an option it is important to place the child with a therapist who deals with trauma. Trauma therapists have a better understanding of how to deal with traumatic events and focus on those events in an effort to relieve the stress so the child may start to feel strong both physically and mentally.

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