Sunday, April 3, 2011

Alye Pollack Stands Up to the Bullies through YouTube! Another Child Hero!

As of today, Sunday April 3. 2011 close to 381,000 people have viewed this disturbing yet alarming video  of a young teen, 13 year old Alye Pollack,  who has been systematically terrorized and tormented by a group of girls at a Wesport, Connecticut middle school.   Pollack who is currently a student at Bedford Middle School posted a home made video of her tormented years of  bullying and took her plight to YouTube. Pollack does not speak during the video, but holds up  signs that tell the story of her alleged bullying. Pollack states she has been bullied every day by a group of girls and only has about three or four friends.

Alye Pollack claims through  signage she has been called at least one of these derogatory names  such as, "bitch," "whore," "fat," "lesbo," "slut," "freak," "ugly," "weird," and "fag," just about every.. Apparently it has been reported the bullying has been through the Internet, as reporters claimed, the school is investigating Alye's cases as Cyberbullying.

Nevertheless, Alye goes on to state in her signage that she has been in therapy more so than attending classes and that she has not "cut" yet but she is close. As stated in my previous posts regarding bullying, self mutilation is a possible sign that a child is being bullied, among others.  Cutting is a popular way for kids to cope with the pain or strong emotion from intense pressure with problems they may be dealing with.  It is usually a physical way for them to deal with feelings that are too difficult to bear because of the severe emotional pain. There are numerous articles on, "cutting."  Cutting is usually done on the arms, legs, buttocks, stomach and thighs, areas where the cuts can be covered up. For more information on cutting, go to

According to news reports the school is investigating the situation.  Although Alye's plight has been going on for more than 2 years, it is amazing this teen has been able to endure the bullying this long.  News outlets reports that Westport, Connecticut is a wealthy area and that Bedford Middle School is one of the best school's in the area.  This really goes to show that bullying can happen anywhere.  Whether you are rich or poor, popular or not, bullying has no boundaries.  Victims can come from all walks of life, and that does not preclude the bully themselves.

We will follow this story and give you updates as to Alye's plight.

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