Monday, April 18, 2011

Bus Driver Tells Mom Alleged Bullied Girl Is A "Big Liar" - News Story - WFTV Orlando

Bus Driver Tells Mom Alleged Bullied Girl Is A "Big Liar" - News Story - WFTV Orlando
The question at the end of this newscast is why are parents having to resort to taking action against bullies into their own hands?  Good Question and possibly there is an easy answer. If the bullying is reported to the school, the school must do their due their diligence by investigating the alleged incidents. Once there is an investigation there must be a determination if school bullying took place. If the child victim was bullied corrective actions must take place. The school district is to have policies in place addressing remedies for the victim child/teen.  But with the recent high profile bullying cases in Florida there may be more instances of non compliance with those policies then compliance. 
  These polices are mandated by the Jeffrey Johnston Stand Up for all Students Act. F.S.S 1006.147 It seems over the last few months there has been an escalation of bullying events where school districts have not done their due diligence according to the various news reports. If the schools or school districts are not investigating and rectifying situations and if the situation does not call for law enforcement, the question is what do parents do?  Do they sit by the wayside and let their child be bullied to death.  Parents want to get to the bottom of the situation.  They want answers. The first step is that parents talk to their children about bullying.  Look for signs that they are being bullied. If the child is being bullied  notify the school at once. Parents must stay involved!

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