Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Workplace Bullying is Domestic Violence where the Abuser is on the Payroll"- St. Petersburg Times

Workplace bullies can ruin lives - St. Petersburg Times   
Dr. Ruth and Gary Namie are well known psychologists who are co-founders of the Workplace Bullying Institute and initiators of the Healthy Workplace Bill.  They travel the globe giving seminars  and public speaking engagements to vast areas of the corporate world among other entities regarding WP Bullying.

Dr. Namie says, "Bullying is Domestic Violence where the abuser is on the payroll." And in cases of domestic violence the victim is simply the victim.  Dr. Namie goes on to say that asking employers to fix the bullying problem can potentially escalate the problem causing the bullying to intensify.  Once the bullying intensifies and there is no reprieve from other management sources, the probability of health risks become greater.  Dr. Ruth Namie says that is when the victim may be better off taking time off or looking for alternative workplaces. "I think your health is much more important then working at a job that can kill you."

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