Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Victim of Bullying gets no Repreive from an Amherst Junior High School Bully: whose dad is a COP!

Addressing fairness of bullying - Local - News - The Amherst Daily News

This story exemplifies the problems parents can run into when standing up for their bullied child.  Your child is being child.  Your child physically defends him or herself and thus find himself suspended.  The bully as usual in the midst of his typical and on going treacherous taunts is innocent of any wrong doing.  Even if the record will clearly show the perpetrator or should I should I say instigator of the unjust acts don the crown of the left alone bullly.Click the news article above and you will learn that the bully who is never admonished like his victimized school mates is the son of police officer
. If victims of bullying fail to come forward for lack of administrative support specially where physical violence is present, this Amherst School could be subjected to possible suicide by bullying from children who find in no way out from their dangerous plight against the bully.

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