Saturday, May 28, 2011

Seattle 16 Year Old Sues for Bullying in Superior Court

Olivia is her  name and she is suing for two years of relentless and assaultive bullying in a small private school located in Seattle, Washington.  The 120 all girl school was given its start by a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant.  Olivia started the school in 2006 where she was continuously bullied by  physical assaults, name calling, facebooke cyberbullying, mobbing, harassment, and alienation by a group of 10 students.  After multiple complaints to school administrators, the school did nothing.  Olivia was literally kicked in the back, where years later she still suffers from back  pain.
  Since 2009 Olivia has left the school but since the trauma she has suffered depression,, anxiety and anorexia.  Olivia was called ugly and fat pig. The lawsuit was filed in King County Superior Court and because the school is a private school it will not face sovereign immunity issues.  Private schools are not regulated under state anti bully laws.
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