Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Michigan: The Next State to Criminalize Bullying

Michigan might be the next state to criminalize bullying and cyberbullying.  A Michigan lawmaker  Rep. Dale Zorn,says he wants to crack down on bullying and cyberbullying by making them a crime which would include jail time as a penalty.

Under a bill recently introduced to the Michigan Legislature, bullying and cyberbullying would be punishable up to 93 days in jail or a fine up to $1000 or both.  The bill would also include that if convicted, the defendant, under the Court's discretion could require the bully to participate in a mental health evaluation.

"The Republican from Ida says in a statement that the bill will allow professional mental health evaluations to determine if professional help or treatment is needed. He says the bill 'is intended to rehabilitate — allowing for the court to expunge the charges after treatment.'

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