Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Questions many Florida parents have is:  Is the School District responsible for bullying and or harassment at Bus Stops? Yes they are according to State Law, The Jeffrey Johnston Stand Up for All Students Act.  If bullying or harassment takes place when a child gets off the bus or is waiting for the bus, the school must investigate the incidents if reported.  If any actions by another student or students that consists of actions consistent with the Florida Anti Bullying, whereas it causes fear, harm or interferes with the victim's right to an education then it falls on the District to take appropriate action under the mandates of the law. 

Here is an excerpt of the law:
g) A procedure for the prompt investigation of a report of bullying or harassment and the persons responsible for the investigation. The investigation of a reported act of bullying or harassment is deemed to be a school-related activity and begins with a report of such an act. Incidents that require a reasonable investigation when reported to appropriate school authorities shall include alleged incidents of bullying or harassment allegedly committed against a child while the child is en route to school aboard a school bus or at a school bus stop

It is very important that parents educate themselves with Fla Stat:  1006.147.  of the Education Code. Many times parents are not aware that there is a law to refer too and become helpless as to their rights.  Also it would be conducive for parents to read the District's School Handbook more specifically addressing School Bullying and Cyber Bullying

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