Monday, June 10, 2013


One way of getting a pulse on America's thoughts on bullying is reading the comment section on various city newspaper online sites, blogs [such as Huffington post] and other online information pages.  There seems to be some common thinking among many people that is very troublesome.  Let's take Florida for instance.  I constantly read the comments from people regarding bullying incidences that are in the news.  People seem to think that the word bullying is being overused and that many cases are not bullying.  Of course these comments are referencing actual defined bullying cases.  Also, many think that bullying is no big deal and it is a right of passage.  There is much ignorance among those who are touting this rhetoric.  There are actual anti bullying laws not only in Florida but among the majority of states.  In order for bullying to occur according in Florida, the law defines bullying has to be repetitive, systematic and on going causing emotional,  psychological or physical hurt.  Here is the key word:  On going, repetitive and systematic. Bullying is not a one time act.  So cases that are being investigated, if they are being investigated at all, have to fit the definition.  Bullying is not a one time school yard fight.  Although it may be criminal it is not bullying.  Bullying has been studied to be extremely detrimental both physically and emotionally.  And yes we are making a bigger deal of it now as opposed to 30 years ago.  But from all the studies that have been done. bullying can lead the bully to become a future violent person as in domestic violence, substance abuser or a person who has a future in committing criminal acts and the victim to either be violent, succumb to drug abuse or even later in life suicide.  This is the problem we face among those who comment on issues where they have no understanding.  It is called ignorance.  That is why education is so important.  However many don't want to be educated or even care. 

Many of those who comment believe a good punch in the face will solve the problem.  Sure it will, that will solve the problem. The victim will be charged with a battery, have a juvenile record and most likely will be expelled from school.  It worries me there are actual people who believe fighting is the answer.  What are these people teaching their children in the home.  Could these people believe in battering their spouse or child as a way to solve conflict?  Could be.  Schools run on money from the public.  They have a duty to the public to keep children safe while they attend school.  I understand teachers are bullied, but they are the adults.  They have the responsibility to report bullying and fill out the reports mandated by law.  Bottom line folks, it is the law.  Got to follow it.  If you take on the position of teaching you have to do what is required.  Kids need to be protected from legally defined bullying.

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