Thursday, September 5, 2013

Florida Parents: Check the School District's Code of Conduct Handbook and Bullying

This article pertains to Florida public schools:  Florida has an Education Code under the Florida Statutes.  This Education Code pertains to public schools because these schools are funded by both Federal and State money.  Even though some private schools may get state or federal money, this is usually due to scholarship money provided to indigent children so they may obtain a private school education.  The anti-bullying statute pertains to public schools only [K-12] and does not pertain to public universities or colleges. 

Because Florida law mandates that public schools implement bullying policies, each and every School District in Florida must include in their Code of Conduct [usually found in the Districts School Handbook] their  policies and procedures,. The mandate is to define bullying, harassment and cyber bullying and include reporting and investigating procedures exclusive to the District and or school. Districts which have been investigated by the Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights may have additional policies and procedures regarding Civil Right violations, including victims who have been bullied due to their disability,, sexual harassment, gender discrimination etc., 

It is always important for parents to check the www.StopBullying.Gov website for updates on these matters.

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