Monday, January 13, 2014

Snapchat is not as Ghostly as you may Think! Beware

Snapchat is an app used to send photos to friends and whoever else may be lurking on the site. But is the site or application safe?  According to news reports and various websites, Snapchat comes with a daunting warning by parents, that it may breed danger for teens. The application is used to send pics  to friends. But what makes this application like a scene out of a futuristic Syfy movie is that once the pictures are viewed by the receiving party it self destructs within up to 10 seconds.  Evidence of any pornographic, predatory pics are poofed into thin air without a trace.  With this false sense of security teens are more apt to take risks of exposing their body to a world full of predators. Teens believe that once they send sexually explicit photos of themselves to a friend it is gone.  However, not exactly.  If you recall the photo destructs in 10 seconds, which gives plenty of time to the receiver to take a one second screenshot.  So that selfie becomes a permanent fixture which can be texted, shared and posted on websites including pornographic sites.  Sex traffickers in child pornography now have a way to obtain photos and share or sell with other predators.  It can become a vicious cycle that possibly leads to danger and a life of hell for the sender.  Snapchat does offer a privacy setting from everyone to friends.  However sometimes if not may times teens don't think about privacy settings.  If that is the case the picture can be seen by everyone who has the application.  But that privacy setting still does not guarantee that the pic will not be shared. We all know that in the teen world, bullying is prevalent.  one day he or she is your boyfriend and or best friend and then next day they are not.  This all can be a recipe for disaster. 



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