Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Work Place Bullying and Social Isolation Equals Suffering


We all know that bullying happens in the workplace more often then not.  If you look at the various statutes concerning school bullying you will notice that one of the ways kids bully is through isolation.  Ignoring the student, not including the student in school events or even classroom events.  It is not always about being teased, physically abused or a smack on the head. 

Let's now look at the work environment.  Studies show that leaving someone out of social interactions at work, even if it small gossip at the water cooler can cause more stress to that isolated worker then actual verbal bullying from a boss.

 According to research conducted at the University of British Columbia where a publication known as Organization Science stated that isolating co-w0rkers and keeping them from social connections can be a form of silent bullying.  They were quoted as saying, "Most of us probably would think it would be better to be invisible than to be bullied or harassed at work," researchers Sandra Robinson states.  "yet when you talk to the people having experienced it, that not the case our dates shows that."
According to the various workplace bullying institutes it is well known that bullying in the workplace causes a variety of health problems which in turn leaves no choice but for the worker to quit.

The researchers believed through their studies and interviews that people viewed ostracism worse then outward negative treatment and harassment,.  It seemed almost preferable to be picked on rather then being ignored.  And the health problems were worse especially mental health issues.  If given a choice between being treated with negativity and harassing behavior or ignored, workers would much rather be treated, well plainly stated, "like crap." Welcome to the world we live in.

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