Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Social Media Applications and the Hidden Dangers Introduction

It has been quite some time since I have contributed to my blog.  The reason is, I felt that I had exhausted my contributions to the world of bullying including cyberbullying to my readers; with close to a million page views on my blog I did not want to bore my readers with repetitive information just to stay relevant. So in order to keep my readers interested I have decided to devote my blog to the various applications that children and young adults and even older adults use in order to connect with others.  Social media is a must in order to stay connected. So many of us would rather delete our Facebook to enjoy a more private life.  But if we disconnect, we lost contact with others.  It is funny, we carry our phone everywhere.  Even in the dating world we would much rather be looking at our phones then connect in person.  We would rather have texting relationships through Snapchat and other forms of texting apps then to actually sit down and have normal conversations.

I believe we have truly lost our sense of self.  We can become anything behind the glass house of a cell phone and the applications that come with them.   From this point on I will educate parents, teenagers, young adults, older adults on the various forms of social media.  I will not educate based solely on what I have read but what I have experienced.  I have taken this year to research my experiences on these various social media outlets and will continue in order to keep the information fresh and relevant. 

I hope you will join me and feel free to email questions.

Thank you,

Robin L. Allweiss Esq.,

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