Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tinder Explained: Introduction


Social Media has destroyed the dating world. Some may say that social media has helped those seeking to connect and find mates, but what social media has done, is create an environment to foster  indiscretions or  instantaneous hook ups.  One such site we will discuss today is Tinder.  Tinder is a free dating application that can be downloaded onto your personal devices such as smartphones and various notepads. Is Tinder a legitimate way of finding a relationship:

The procedure is, you download the app and sign in through your Facebook account.  There is no other way you can use Tinder, you must have a Facebook account. This mandate, though, can be falsified by creating fake Facebook accounts and uploading a few pictures and liking a few pages gives the user a false sense of security. Some may say, well if they are on Facebook, they must be legit and real.  Not so fast, one of the biggest complaints male users have is that a large percentage of the "women" on the site are not real, in fact when the men swipe right {which we will get into in just a second} and a match is created, the female match leads the unsuspecting men through links, to various pornographic sites.  Men and women look through various profiles and either swipe left if they like the person or left for dislike. If both swipe right then there is a match. {We will talk about the process later}

But why Tinder?  Tinder is known through the dating world of applications as a hook up site, you know a one nighter type of thing.  You meet the person have sex and then, well nothing.  Some say it is the equivalent to Grindr which is a gay male hook up site specifically for discreet sexual encounters.  Although, there are some members of Tinder who are truly looking for love and have found love, the majority are looking for nothing more then an encounter.  Thus, why the average user of Tinder is male 18-24.  The men in this age range are looking for nothing more then a hook up.  The women, I believe are looking for love unless of course they are a bot. 

You have to remember men in the 18-24 range are not ready to settle down.  They want their fun.  Women, especially in their 20's want to find love and marriage.  Tinder is the easiest way of finding instantaneous connections for free.

But how does this all work?  I will explore this question in my next blog post.  I will also have interviews with various men on the reasons they use Tinder and their experiences.

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