Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tinder Part Two: The Basics

So yesterday I wrote an introduction piece to one of the biggest free dating applications available for smartphones, Tinder.  Today I am going to outline how Tinder works so you the readers are educated before you decide to download this app.

Tinder is an application specifically used for dating.  The key demographic is 18-24 however there are other more older age groups that use Tinder. Tinder is a mobile version of Hot or Not. Viewing photos of single people and rating them based on their appearance.  But Tinder is more of a system where parties seek to date the other party based on whether they find that person attractive.  Some even put a brief profile of their likes and dislikes, quips or sayings that catch the person's attention and other types of descriptions, many using emoticons.

While viewing the photos you decide whether you "like" or "dislike".  Swiping right is for like, swiping left is for dislike.  If the person you liked sees you photo and likes then there is a match.  If the person you like doesn't like then there is no match and you and that person end up in that great internet land in the sky never to be seen again. When there is a match both parties are notified and according to statistics it is usually the man who starts the conversation.  Usually it is nothing more then a "Hey" or "How is your day going?".  Sometimes it is emoticons with smiley faces and hearts.  There is a definite creativity that goes along with Tinder. 

When a person creates their profile they can set a distance from 1 mile to 100 miles.  They can also set age limits from 18 to 50 plus. When you click on a person's profile you can see when the last time they used Tinder and where they are located.  Tinder uses a GPS system that tracks smart phone or Notepads. The GPS can be a frightening part of Tinder.  I will discuss those issues in the next

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