Saturday, September 12, 2015

EDM Helps Bullied Teens

EDM [Electronic Dance Music] has been around for decades, however the genre is most known for it's 90's underground raves, which at the beginning, was more about kids getting together, dancing to the most outrageous beats, produced by some of the best DJ's of its time.  But sadly towards the later part of the 90's the genre became  associated with drugs, promiscuity and death.  However, years later until the present time EDM has been a booming industry, especially its festival scene.  Many DJ's are paid more then some of the top well know music artists.  Festivals draw massive crowds especially among the 18-24 year olds.  I have talked to quite a few young people and there are a surprising amount that say they turn to electronic music for their respective  social anxieties and troublesome past of being bullied.  They say it gives them a way to be themselves without being judged.  EDM has been associated with the term PLUR, Peace Love Unity Respect. Although PLUR has been a mixed bag of late, young adults who have been traumatized by bullying find peace, solace and many times friendship. The bombastic beats, drops and segueing tracks created by these infamous DJ's create a feeling of belonging,  Something that many of these adults missed growing up.

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